Behind the Scenes with Robert Trawick

Here is a Behind the Scenes article written for XP PhotoGear by Robert Trawick.  Some of our most loved images by Robert Trawick were created by using lighting equipment by XP PhotoGear.  Read a brief outline below of how he created the images and his thoughts on creative lighting.


Shooting inside on location with mixed lighting can be difficult because of different colors and the mainly overhead direction of light. Using the Speedbox Diffuser 60 set to camera right to illuminate the bride, I still needed a visual separation for Janice from the yellow and darker hallway. Adding another flash with a Microbox angled up from the floor gave a glowing effect that transforms her from bride to princess. Dragging the shutter a bit and setting the white balance to a flash preset finished off this beautiful image.



The Speedbox Diffuser 60 is the perfect companion for outside sessions where the extra light is used to control contrast. In this portrait with Jade, the Speedbox 60 is high and to camera left, illuminating the face and adding detail to the shadow side. The sun is striking her hair on the camera left with it’s intensity controlled through high speed sync. The Speedbox 60 has a non removable front panel sewn close to the edge that provides very soft edge lighting when turned slightly away from the model moving her from “girl next door” to Hollywood superstar.



Fashion in the deep woods presents multiple challenges to any creative team, but with the Speedbox 70, light wasn’t one of them. Two more wardrobe changes left for Jada’s session and with the sun dropping fast in the distance, we decided to go higher in the tree line. I was amazed with the quality spread of the light while my assistant was holding the rig about 10 feet off the sloped ground. The light weight and resilient fiberglass ribs ensured the survival of our Speedbox 70.


“XP PhotoGear carries over 20 different light modifiers. I’ve used their products for over four years to modify and shape my light from food to portraits to weddings. My latest love affair is with the Speedbox 70. It’s a big sister to my favorite girl, the Speedbox  60. The exterior pocketed fiberglass poles are flexible enough to take a fall gracefully, but built strong like a tomboy. The simple setup gets you lighting faster with 60 second “bag2stand” speed and field goal style bracket works with any trigger system. Stop by any dealer and hug a Speedbox today. You might just fall in love with light all over again.” Robert Trawick from Trawick Images