Behind the Scenes Look at the MiniMax SpeedStand and Speedbox 47



An Amazing Behind the Scenes Night Photo Shoot using the XP Speedbox line



The New Speedbox A-100



How to Open and Close the Speedbox



The New Speedbox Diffuser Line
Shot at the DFW Photo Expo 2013




Exclusive Commercial by XP PhotoGear:  the AirBox
Created by Justin Howe of Traptfilms



Exclusive Introduction to XP PhotoGear
A Glimpse into a few products from XP PhotoGear.



Exclusive by XP PhotoGear.. On Location Part I



Exclusive by XP PhotoGear..  On Location II



Exclusive by XP PhotoGear..  On Location III



How to Use the LiteShapers and The LiteShaper Strip by The Studio Coach



How to Use the Multi-Flector 



How To Use The Spike Extensions



The Focus X Band at Texas School of Professional Photography



How to Use The Focus X Band


How to use the LiteShaper and LiteShaper Panel Kit