Christian Lalonde using XP PhotoGear


“When facing difficult lighting situations and when speed and ease of access are required, I turn to my various SpeedBoxes. Whether it be the SpeedBox Diffuser 60 or SpeedBox 70, I know I can count on XP PhotoGear to give me the results my client and I expect.  In this case, we were shooting at 4:30 a.m. in a 50 degree celcius cavernous salt water spa bath. There was definitely no power supplies available or could be used. After HRD’ing the space, I proceeded to light paint with various color filters inside a SpeedBox Diffuser 60. I followed it up with the subject being positioned and lit with the SpeedBox Diffuser 60’s. A bit of post and compositing and this was the end result.”  Christian Lalonde

As a principal photographer at Photolux Commercial Studio, Christian Lalonde, has already made his mark in the industry. His work demonstrates a remarkable versatility as a commercial photographer & photo illustrator.  Christian completed his photography studies in 1996 from La Cite collegiale in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Since joining Photolux in 1997, he has secured clients such as ; BA Banknotes, Cooking Light Magazine, Costco Wholesale, Crown Plaza Hotels, Desjardins, Estee Lauder, IBM, MBNA Canada, Loblaws, Nexen Chemicals, Nygard, Readers Digest, Sony and Yves St. Laurent, just to name a few.