XP PhotoGear

XP PhotoGear is a family owned and operated business, in Fort Worth Texas.

Xavier and Patrice, founders of XP PhotoGear, have over 45 years of combined experience in the photographic industry.
Before creating XP PhotoGear, Xavier was both in the photographic retail business, and operated a professional photography business with Patrice. They created XP PhotoGear in 2005 after Xavier developed his first patented light modifying product, the LiteShaper.  Two of his patented products have won the Hot One Award in two seperate years for best lighting accessories from the Professional Photographers of America. Their distribution company has since grown to include many different types of light modifying products, camera straps, and filters. XP PhotoGear creates and distributes innovative lighting gear and accessories for the photographer and videographer. XP PhotoGear specializes in speedlight modifiers for both on camera and off camera flash.
Please contact them directly with any questions about products or availability.

The LiteShaper

The LiteShaper was Xavier DeLaPaz’s first patented product. Both the LiteShaper and the LiteShaper Panel Kit won the Hot One Award in two separate years for best lighting accessories from the Professional Photographers of America.

Latest Products

The MBS Microbox @xpphotogear is one of our favorites to easily modify your flash during event photography.Already planning for our next big show @photoplusexpo #PPE2014 Hope to see you there!Its our Anniversary!  XP PhotoGear owners Xavier and Patrice celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary today.Happy Fathers Day to all the Daddies out there!Only our boxes are hugable!  #texasschool2014 @trawickimagesLast nights party treasures #dontask #texasschoolHiding under the table for nap time. Seriously. #tradeshowtraditions #longdaysSushi is an XP PhotoGear ritual at tradeshows #sushilove #tradeshowtraditionsWe're live and ready for Texas School of Professional Photography 2014
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